Hunger aid and reconciliation work

We supply food

With the collaboration of the protestant churches in Kwajok (South Sudan) and in the Kivu Region (DRC), we are able to supply basic food. The local church provide workers but they do not have the financial ressources to guarantee the provision of basic foods, clean drinking water and medicine. That is where we can help! One project supports pregnant women and mothers with small children.


On the other hand, we provide seeds and equipment in order for the fields to be cultivated. The civil war has caused many people to unlearn farming. Now they must relearn is. Many camps grow their own vegetables.

This is another area where the people of South Sudan need our help!


Foods and improved methods of farming alone will not help the people to overcome their hate and heal their wounds. Hate paralyses and furthers even more destruction. That is the reason why combining immediate help, reconciliation work and help to help themselves.

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Every Euro helps! Support our local help - thank you very much!

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