Our services:

  • We accompany the church in Cullera in the process of becoming independent.
  • We encourage and further the spiritual life and growth of the church members.
  • We accompany the churches of the association "Independent evangelical churches" (FIEIDE) in the region of the Levante.
  • We offer various fields of work for short-term missions in different churches.
  • Along with the Band Papel Maché we put people in touch with God through music.
  • Using creative youth work, we help young people discover their gifts and offer them mentoring in the process.

Our Vision:

  • We want to reach the residents of the city of Sueca with the gospel and plant churches.
  • We want to accompany already existing churches and encourage them to become an independent missional church.
  • We help their church members to develop a missional lifestyle.
  • We are developing a mentoring-programm for full-time church leaders in their often times very lonely position.