Reverse Mission

Church planting and revitalization by foreign missionaries

  • Many people in Germany call themselves Christians, but very few people know the basics and contents of the Christian faith.
  • Hundreds of thousands of people leave the churches which they have never attended every year. Church and faith are irrelevant to their lives.
  • Very few churches grow continuously, but stagnate or shrink.
  • Many Christians are discouraged.
  • The "Christian West" has changed into a mission country.

Germany is a mission country! For the first time or again, our friends and neighbors should get to know the life-changing news of Jesus Christ and be invited to believe in the Triune God.

We can not do it alone. We need support in order for ist to be realized. This support is gained strongly through foreign churches and church associations in the form of reverse mission.

Reverse Mission - What it is?

"Reverse Mission" is understood as a missionary movement that started more than 10 years ago. Young church groups and congregations of the classic "recipient countries" of missionaries, predominantly in the southern hemisphere, participate in the worldwide commission of Jesus Christ. They have become "new sending countries" (NSL) sending out their missionaries. The focus is on the old Europe. They see the spiritual need and the secularization and want to make their contribution, to make the gospel of Jesus Christ known to Europe.

Reverse Mission within Marburg Mission

In 2009, Reverse Mission began in the MM. Three years later, the Brazilian Church Association AICD sent the first missionary family to Germany. In October 2016 another Brazilian partner sent their first missionaries to Germany. Others followed.

What should happen through reverse mission?

  • Church planting

Reverse Mission missionaries are to found new churches, such as the Christus Gemeinde Essen ( or the Christus Gemeinde Wesel ( and to coach church planting projects.

These foundations primarily take place within the Bund evangelischer Gemeindenschaften (BeG / Marburg).

  • Initiate a church planting movement

We want to initiate a movement in which (existing) churches found and plant more churches.

  • Revitalization of churches

The service of Reverse Mission missionaries helps to revitalize existing churches and encourages their members.