The history of the foundation Marburg Mission began in 1909. On September 23, the first missionary, Deaconess Elisabeth Gramenz, was sent to China.

The beginnings in China

  • From 1909 until 1951 the Marburger Mission worked in Central China as a Branch of the China Inland Mission (CIM). At first in the Province of Hunan and after 1928 in the Southern Chinese Province of Yunnan under the name „Yunnan Mission“.
  • In 1928, the ClM handed the DGD the Yunnan Province as its own missions area. In 1937 the Yunnan Mission became the Vandsburger Mission GmbH.
  • In 1909, the first missionary was sent to China via the China Inland Mission. Soon followed by more deaconesses and later missionary couples. In total, 14 couples and 31 deaconesses were sent to China before the communist revolution.

Brazil - to found a local church

  • In parallel, the DGD responded to a request from Brazil in 1932 and sent the first missionaries, who soon were followed by other deaconesses and married couples.
  • The church planting work began among german settlers but expanded and eventually led to the establishment of an indigenous association of churches in 1947.
  • This mission branch was integrated in Marburger Blättermission (the Marburger print media branch, now: Stiftung Marburger Medien) until 1989 when it became part of Marburger Mission.

Expansion of work in Asia

  • After the Second World War, new fields opened for the missionaries working under the new name Marburger Mission GmbH. First in Japan (1951), then in Taiwan (1952) and finally in Thailand (1953).

Other countries were added

  • Starting in 1970, mission stations were established in Uganda, Spain (1987), Russia (1993), Peru (1996) and Albania (2013).

  • In eight countries on four continents and in the network East Africa, there are now missionaries of the MM who perform tasks in the areas of: evangelization, church planting, church growing, theological education, training and evangelistic deaconry.

From the GmbH to the foundation

  • Starting on January 1st 2003, „Marburger Mission GmbH“ changed to „Stiftung Marburger Mission“ (Marburger Mission Foundation). Throughout these organizational changes, the worldwide ministry of MM did not change.

    The Head Quarters of Marburger Mission had been located on Stresemannstraße in the south of Marburg for a long time. Then in October 2004, MM moved to its new location on Dürerstraße in Marburg-Ortenberg.

    The Lord will carry on his mission with our generation and the next according to his promise.