Our Work

Church planting and church growth

  • We start new churches through relationships with neighbours, language and cooking classes, conversational groups and church events. Our goal in the process is independence and the integration of new churches into the japanese synod.

Encouraging spiritual life

  • We encourage spiritual life in already existing churches and spiritual growth of the church members.

Cooperation with other Christian organisations

  • We work with other Christian churches and organisations during special events and evangelistic activities.

Involvement in church camps

  • Our camp in Karuizawa/Nagano offers churchs groups, families and individuals the opportunity for relaxation and fellowship and we open new avenues to get to know the word of God.

Supporting missionary work

  • We offer work opportunities for short-term staff in our church camp and in the churches.

Our Vision

„People should come to realize the salvation through Jesus Christ, their life should be changed to a God-serving lifestyle.

additional missionaries

  • In the next five years we want to reinforce our team with two new missionaries.

new ways

  • Due to changing societal circumstances, we accept new challenges for our work and start new fields of work.
  • We want to find new ways to share the gospel of Jesus Christ culturally relevant in word and deed.

new churches

  • We will plant new churches in region which have yet to be reached by the gospel.

missional life

  • We want to accompany and further already existing churches on their paths to become missional and independent churches and we want to help their church members to develope a missional lifestyle.

Social-diaconal work

  • We are establishing new social-diaconal opportunities in our church camp which mainly focuses on young people.