Revision of the Old Testament for the Kaingang

Revision is necessary

TOPẼ TỸ ẼG MRÉ VĨ VÉN’, „God adressing us for the first time“, this headline is the working version of the Old Testament in the Kaingang language. It's only been available for four years.

There is no officially recognized translation. It should be formed on the basis of this working version. For this purpose, the text must be revised by a native speaker in order for it to be correct and understandable. This must be guarenteed.

Ka´egso und Eipeen Hery have been working on this together with a team for a year. Meanwhile, the first three books of Moses and the book of Job have been translated and are ready to be printed.That's 18% of the entire OT.

Theological contemplation must take place

Each day of translating means wanting to understand and search for the matching and good wording. While translating, key words must constantly be reflected theologicalley and they need to consider which words have become "independent" over the years within the churches and have brought an unhealthy legalism into people's faith.

Reading sparks interest

Once the team has revised a biblical book, then the one coworker reads it out loud to a small group. In this way, the readability is verified and if need be corrected. This joint reading sparks the interest of others. They want to hear more stories of the bible and understand the connection between the New Testament and the Old Testament.

„Previously, the most important thing for me was to talk to God (praying). Now I notice, that it is time for God to talk to me." Sebastião

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