Tamar and Philip Geppert

Where are you located?

In Barcelona. We are priviledged to live and work in Barcelona.

What is your field of work?

We want to establish a House of Prayer in Barcelona in which people pray without ceasing, because we believe that prayer is the most powerful thing we can do - speaking personally to the creator of the universe. Do you want to join us?

Creativity is always a part of our prayer life because we love creative expressions and because we have been working with artists in Spain for a couple of years now.

What motivates you?

We have experienced a great difference in searching for and involving God in our daily lives and we want to pass this blessing on. In this age of distraction, we want to invite people to rediscover and fight for their intimacy with God. Inviting Jesus in every part of life, opens the doors to the mystery of his works, often times in a way that we previously couldn't have imagined. Because He loves to spend time with His children.

For donations, please indicate project number 49102 as the purpose of the donation.