History of the Network

The Marburg Mission in Eastern Africa

Since 1970 the Marburg Mission has worked alongside local partnering churches in Eastern Africa. The goal from the beginning has been to further the independence of the local churches and to enable them to have a positve effect on society.

In addition to the work in Kenya and Tanzania, the work in Uganda was resumed in 1990. They put their work in concrete terms, through the training and education of theology students at the Bishop Barham University College (BBUC) in Kabale which is increasingly being led by local lecturers.

Throughout the years the work in Kenya and Tanzania was able to be handed over to the locals.

Simultaneously, signs of a growing interest in sending and world missions can be noticed in the african churches. Important contacts were established by students from Congo and South Sudan at the Bishop Barham University College. A network was started in 2014 which furthers the active participation of african churches in world missions and churches sending missionaries.

Paricular challenges occur in the neighbouring countries of South Sudan and Eastern Congo.

People in these war torn regions have yet to experience the healing forgiveness of Jesus. This forgiveness has the power to bring peace, love and hope to the people and inspire them to start reconciliation work in their societies.

Currently four missionaries from Uganda are working alongside their churches and the network Eastern Africa with the Epicopal Church (ECSS) in South Sudan.